Welcome to WeCare!

We are committed to providing premium healthcare and education for our diabetic and high cholesterol patients. Our number one goal is to establish and build a relationship with each WeCare patient, and ultimately improve each one of their health outcomes.

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Our mail order pharmacy provides patients with their diabetic testing supplies that are sent directly to patient homes.

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Our concierge-style call center is available 6 days a week for inquiries and to enroll each patient into diabetic testing supplies program.

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Our clinical pharmacists and registered dietitians are available during normal hours of operation for clinical management and for questions regarding medications, labs, nutrition, and general education.


Our Mission

“WeCare strives to promote and ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes through pharmacist-run Medication Therapy Management. Our goals include successfully improving the quality of life for each patient, providing the highest standard of clinical services, reducing overall healthcare costs, and fostering relationships between Patients, Physicians, Pharmacists, and Payers.”
- WeCare Clinical Team


Patient Video

“WeCare has done a lot for me, and I never thought I was going to make it this far.” – Patient

Provider Video

“My patients love WeCare! I’m happy to have the help with my diabetic population.” – Dr. Daniel Franco

Who is eligible for WeCare

We currently provide services to patients in the Inland Empire

Ask your doctor if WeCare is right for you, or call